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Please be aware that treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently being provided exclusively by the NHS and private medical facilities are likely to experience disruption to their services as a result of coronavirus. This means if you purchase a policy from us now, it’s unlikely you will be able to use it in the event you are diagnosed with coronavirus. You may also experience significant delays and restrictions in accessing private treatment for other conditions and for elective surgery, with some facilities being unavailable. The wider benefits and services the policy offers will remain in place and you will be able to claim for eligible treatment once medical facilities are available. Under the current circumstances the functionality of our products is greatly impacted by the coronavirus situation.

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In the past five years, have you had, or received treatment* for:

  • Heart condition or problem
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Mental illness, including depression, that has required referral to a specialist

  • * By treatment, we mean surgical or medical services that are needed to diagnose, relieve or cure a disease, illness or injury, including medication still prescribed by a specialist
  • A specialist is any doctor (including psychiatrists) who is not your GP
  • This applies whether the treatment was received privately or under the NHS
  • If you are unsure of your answers, or if the answers change, please let us know before the policy starts

Are you a tobacco user?

Have you used any tobacco products within the last 12 months?

By ‘tobacco products’ we mean smoking or chewing tobacco – not using e-cigarettes or vaporizers.

If you are adding anyone else to your cover we will ask the same questions about them. Please take care to give accurate and complete answers for all members you have permission to speak to us about and who are to be covered by the plan. Please take care to answer the questions accurately and completely for each person covered as the answers may affect your premium or ability to claim.

Once you’ve submitted your quote request, we will contact you to discuss it. If you would prefer to speak to us just call 0800 111 4004 (Mon-Fri 9am-7pm). You can see our privacy policy here.

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Speak to us If you want to have a chat give us a call on 0800 5870 883 Lines open Mon-Fri 9am-8pm. We may record and/ or monitor calls.